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 Please read our "How Readings Work" section of the website before proceeding any further. 

 At High Vibe Healing we intuitively connect with the energies surrounding your situation to provide you clarity, insight, and guidance. Purchasing a one question, 5 card reading, with clarifiers can deliver to you an in depth and detailed message that will be approximately a 10-15 min video. When you book this reading a total of 10 cards will be pulled so you can receive the most comprehensive messages and get down to the deepest root of what's truly happening in your situation. The possibilities on what an energy reading can bring you understanding on is unlimited, so be as creative as you would like with your question.

A personal reading experience with High Vibe Healing has the possibility to heal you from anything you are struggling with releasing and letting go of. Anything that is heavy on your mind, burdens, baggage, heartbreak, trauma, depression, or stress all fall into this category. Resolve any confusion that might be interfering with your ability to reach your highest potential simply by booking a personal reading today!

Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any further questions. 

  • Heals you from any anxiety depression, confusion, physical or emotional pain, heartbreak,  etc...
  • Raises your vibration to see the positive side to life even through the darkness.
  • Motivates you to continue going in life by confirming the blessings that lie ahead in your near future.